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I am really excited that you have taken time to come and visit my site; it means a lot to me. I have put a lot of time and energy into this blog so that I can hopefully inspire you.

I have gone through my own health journey and have felt disappointment, discouragement, and felt like giving up. You may be able to relate in some ways.

My journey began in my early 20’s when my blood sugar became unstable, and I was experiencing scary side effects. When I was young, I didn’t think about taking care of my health or really understood how important it was. I wasn’t overweight yet but did have trouble functioning in everyday life. I have memories of walking up the stairs and how all of a sudden, I would feel weak and shaky. I would have to eat something after to help stabilize my sugar but didn’t feel good for the rest of the day. Every time I did anything physical I risked feeling this way. My doctors warned me that I would become diabetic if I didn’t start to eat better and take care of my health. I also suffered from severe insomnia and could only sleep a few hours every other day.

I was desperate to feel normal again and thus began my health journey. I worked with a Naturopath in Victoria, BC and learned so much from her. She was the person who originally inspired me to help others feel healthy again.

Once I hit my 30s, I started to gain weight, lose energy, develop chronic low back pain, and no longer feel young and vibrant. I have worked with various other professionals and now feeling great. I am sleeping every day, have lost around 25lbs, no longer have osteopenia, and have my energy back.

I am in my 40’s now, a Registered Nurse, Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, and hold a nutritional therapy certification.

My dream is to make a difference in as many women’s lives as possible and travel the world while blogging. I want to learn about the various health perspectives from other countries and cultures and share them with you. I believe we can learn and grow from everyone.

I do not promote a strict diet, hardcore physical exercise, and all or nothing lifestyles. I know just as well as you that this doesn’t work. I believe in incorporating healthy lifestyle habits. I am your coach guiding you on your own health journey and your cheerleader.