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EasyPolls has a solution with its "poll container" feature. I also looked at how to ask directly for customer insight using polls, surveys, focus groups and questionnaires, in “10 Smart Question Research Tools for B2B Marketers.”. As votes start coming in, you'll see the results in a tabular format. Users simply choose “Create a poll” in a post’s composer window, ask a question, choose up to four poll response options and how long to run the poll — from one day up to two weeks. But if you plan on creating multiple polls, you might as well sign up for the free account to better manage and organize your polls in one place (versus having to go back to each individual poll link to see the responses). Nick has also observed that polls can be a good way to prove or disprove preconceived notions about a variety of marketing topics, urging marketers to “Vet your assumptions against data-driven research and interactions with audience members (e.g. Social Media Marketing - Secret Code 4125Simple, the best SEO expert I've ever met. In-memory database firm Redis Labs took to LinkedIn to contact a poll asking customers to choose their favorite app from one of its virtual events. A while back our senior content strategist Nick Nelson explored the social media poll landscape and shared five helpful tips, in “The Power of Social Media Polls: The Drill-Down on 3 Platforms + 5 General Best Practices,” and more recently we also reported that Facebook has brought polls back to Facebook Messenger group chats after a year-long absence. Our client RateLinx, a supply chain and logistics visibility and analytics desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) platform, has also taken to using LinkedIn’s new poll feature, with a recent poll looking into the importance of various qualities within organizations. As we first reported in our B2B marketing news, our client LinkedIn recently launched the return of its highly-anticipated poll feature, offering marketers a new platform besides Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for gathering community sentiment using polls — one that may be the best fit for many B2B brands. B2B Marketing views, news and interviews. Crystal LinkedIn Chrome extension analyzes the personality of your potential clients and partners, so you can easier build your negotiation strategy. Opinion polls are free to create, and you don't even need a Xoyondo account. Olive Communications’ poll demonstrates how online surveys can be used to keep track of rapidly-changing consumer sentiment. Let's connect on LinkedIn - Prepare questions and answers people can use: LinkedIn Polls. You'll see that the container was created, but that it shows as Empty. Embedding polls on your website is an easy way to better understand your customers and gauge satisfaction. Check out our roundup of the best survey builder apps if you're looking to ask more complex questions or a series of questions. But if you feel that you want to buy premium version, it'll cost you $10/month. Took us 30 seconds to setup an integration that saves us 2 hours of work every day.”. Polling a live audience? You can then add answers, set the poll's duration (from one minute to a week), and Tweet it out to your audience. Our client Dell has been using LinkedIn’s polling feature in a variety of ways. Connect apps. Learn about workflow, company building, and how to get things done. For example, you can see stats not only on 1 post, but overall for the month: This  helped me understand what posts worked well and what didn't. If you choose to make an open-ended poll (or one with an "Other" field), you can select which responses show on your presentation, filtering out inappropriate or off-topic responses. Automate tasks. You post on LinkedIn, add it to lempod and other lempoders automatically engage with it. Click the big, blue button to get started, and then add the title of your poll and the poll's expiration date if you want it to close on a specific day (polls close one month after creation no matter what). Some formats of paid ads allow polls to be included, and Facebook brought augmented reality (AR) ads to its news-feed last fall — two interactive elements to consider. What if you're using a poll to capture lunch preferences? For over a year now we’ve utilized our TopRank Marketing Twitter channel to publish a weekly poll, asking a range of questions to B2B marketers, and have also begun asking our poll questions on the TopRank Marketing LinkedIn page. Loom is a great plugin for your Chrome that lets you record simple videos easily. lempod for boosting your LinkedIn post views; Crystal for discovering what to write to people; DuxSoup for LinkedIn outreach (or Expandi, if you're looking for a safer tool). Hire a Zapier Expert to help you improve processes and automate workflows. The revelations people provide when they respond to online marketing polls include a wealth of industry information. It can be ideal to ask poll questions on the digital channel that best suits your particular audience. There are just a few ways to understand how good are your LinkedIn posts: The best use case for Shield Analytics (for me) is - see the dynamics of how you get views on LinkedIn posts.

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