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combust planets calculator

While depicting this planet in a horoscope, the alphabet ‘c’ is written along with it, which is an indication for the person who studies such horoscope, that this planet was combust at the time of birth of the native who possesses such horoscope. If another malefic planet enters this sign and joins this combination, the weakness of Moon intensifies and as a result; the native having such combination may lose his mother; soon after his birth or during his young age; depending on the rest of his horoscope. Therefore such exalted Sun may burn debilitated Saturn more from a distance of 10 degrees in the sign of Aries, compared to the burning effect caused by debilitated Sun to exalted Saturn in the sign of Libra at a distance of 5 degrees. If benefic exalted Venus is also placed in the sign of Pisces along with these three planets; the effect of combustion may reduce further, since exalted Venus will provide more strength to this combination. Let’s now move on to the next factor which affects the overall outcome of combustion of a planet. Sun is debilitated in the sign of Libra and hence it may not be able to burn out much strength of Saturn which on the other hand is very strong by virtue of being exalted in the sign of Libra. It means that if Mercury is placed in the sign of Leo along with Sun where Mercury has travelled 10 degrees in the sign of Leo and Sun has travelled 20 degrees in the same sign, the net distance between Mercury and Sun is 10 degrees which is less than the safe distance of 14 degrees in case of Mercury and hence it becomes combust. Copyright © 2020. On the other hand, Saturn gets debilitated in the sign of Aries, which means it is already weak and it may not be able to fight such combustion in a very good way and hence, more weakness may be rendered to Saturn in this case. When a planet combusts, its influence and significance decrease, and it starts giving results according to the Sun's condition. : Combust Planets Combust Moon in 1st House in Aries Combust Moon in 1st House in Taurus Combust Moon in 1st House in Gemini Let’s find out the degree of exaltation for different planets: ●  Sun becomes fully exalted in Aries at 10 degrees under Ashwini Nakshatra. ●  Rahu is considered to be in a debilitated state when placed in Scorpio or Sagittarius sign. For example, Mercury gets combust when it comes within a distance which is 14 degrees or less from Sun. This planet which loses some of its strength by virtue of being too close to Sun is called a combust planet. For example, in forward motion, Mercury becomes combust when it enters a distance of 14 degrees from Sun whereas in retrograde motion, it becomes combust when it enters a distance of 12 degrees from Sun. ●  Jupiter is said to be in a fully debilitated state when posited in Capricorn at 5 degrees. Hence they provide strength to each other and they also complement each other in many ways. Mercury becomes combust when it comes within 14 degrees on either side of the Sun provided Mercury is in forward Motion. He state of a planet becoming exalted, debilitated, retrograde or combust must be evaluated when analysing a kundli. ●  Planet Mercury is said to be under full exaltation when placed at 15 degrees in Virgo sign under Hasta Nakshatra. Do not Copy, Publish, Distribute or Reproduce without Permission. If in a horoscope, benefic Sun is conjunct with a planet, it is likely to do far less damage to that planet by means of combustion, than the damage done by Sun when it is malefic in the horoscope. In the realm of Vedic Astrology, planet Sun is considered to be the king of all planets. 50,000 but which may extend to Rs. Therefore, these aspects must be given special significance, as the results obtained by these planets can be estimated. It means that when a planet moves around its orbit, it reaches a certain point where it becomes weak in proportion to the Earth. When a planet is exactly opposite of the Sun, it is visible for the greatest number of hours during the 24 hours. You see how the change in the sign of placement alone changes the intensity of combustion of a planet to a great extent, though it may be distanced from Sun by the same number of degrees in different signs. On the other hand, retrograde planets attain full Cheshta Bal and become powerful. That is considered to be the point of debilitation for that specific planet and differs accordingly. When it is in such a position, the planet rises when the Sun sets, and it sets when the Sun rises. The significances of Moon may be severely hit in this case and if there are no grace saving factors; the native may face serious problems related to his mother. For example, a combination of Sun and Mercury in the sign of Gemini in one horoscope may result in combustion of Mercury, and Budh Aditya Yoga may be formed at the same time due to Sun and Mercury both being benefic in the horoscope. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: The benefic planet at the receiving end will need to lose a part of its positive energy in order to counteract such negative energy sent by Sun and in the process; this benefic planet may lose more strength in the form of positive energy. When a planet becomes combust in a kundli, its influence almost becomes negligible and due to its closeness with the Sun, it starts offering results accordingly. Combust planets? Both these cases may deliver final results which are different from the first two types of cases discussed earlier. For example, if a combination of Sun and Saturn is placed in the sign of Gemini and Saturn becomes combust by coming within 15 degrees of Sun, it may be a regular type of combustion as both Sun and Saturn are comfortable in the sign of Gemini. As every planet represents a particular trait or aspect of life, hence it becomes highly important to strengthen them. In this section of the website, you can find articles explaining the concept of Combust planets, the benefic as well as the malefic effects of combust planets when placed in different houses and in different signs. Looking at it from the opposite angle, if Sun is placed in Pisces along with benefic Moon and malefic Jupiter; the overall weakness of Moon may increase due to the combined effect of combustion as well as affliction from Jupiter, or even from Sun; if Sun too is malefic in this combination. It means whether it is one benefic planet or more than one benefic planet; makes a significant difference towards the end result of combustion. Jupiter becomes combust when it comes within 11 degrees on either side of the Sun. Copyright Infringement is an offense under Section 63 of Indian Copyright Act 1957 and it is punishable with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than 6 months but which may extend to 3 years and with fine which shall not be less than  Rs. This minimum distance is different for different planets and a couple of these planets have different degrees of safe distances from Sun before they get combust, depending on the fact whether they are in forward motion or in retrograde motion. Moon becomes combust when it comes within 12 degrees on either side of the Sun. At the same time, Saturn is the strongest in Libra and hence it can fight the burning effect initiated by Sun in a much stronger way. In the second combination, Sun as well as the planet to be combust are both malefic. The first one among these factors is the distance that a combust planet has travelled closer to the Sun. Hence the sign of placement of Sun as well as that of the planet to be burnt is an important factor and it should be considered properly before predicting the amount of weakness received by a particular planet by virtue of combustion. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2020 In simpler terms, a planet becomes combust when it comes near the Sun at a certain degree, as its brightness, heat and light diminish the influence and power of that planet. Hence Saturn will not suffer much and it will form Pitra Dosh in the horoscope, by afflicting debilitated Sun; causing problems related to the general as well as specific significances of Sun. Astrology defines the impact of numerous planets on human lives. All Rights Reserved. Among all nine planets in Vedic astrology, six planets except Rahu and Ketu; namely Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Saturn become combust when they enter a certain distance from Sun. ●  Lord of Karma, Shani or Saturn, will remain fully exalted in Libra at 20 degrees during the Swati Nakshatra. The first process is the process of combustion and the second process is the one through which malefic Sun afflicts the positive planet involved in this combination. Combustion of a planet is a phenomenon which is said to be caused when such planet comes within certain degrees of closeness to Sun. However if Sun is placed in the sign of Leo at 20 degrees and Mercury is placed in the same sign at 18 degrees, the combustion of Mercury will be much stronger than that in the first case. ●  Shukra or Venus, the Lord of Demons, becomes fully exalted in the zodiac sign Pisces at 27 degrees under Revati Nakshatra. The Sun sends negative energy to such planet through the process of affliction, apart from burning out some of its strength through the process of combustion. ●  Moon becomes fully debilitated when placed in the zodiac sign Scorpio at 3 degrees. In yet another possible combination of Sun and Mercury placed in the sign of Gemini, malefic Sun may cause serious damages to benefic Mercury by virtue of combustion as well as by virtue of affliction caused by it to Mercury. In simple terms, a planet becomes debilitated in the seventh sign from the sign where it is in an exalted state. Moving to the next factor, the presence of other benefic or malefic planets in the sign of combustion can change the results significantly. When Venus is in retrograde motion, the degree of closeness for combustion of Venus becomes 8 degrees. Combust Planets. Just like a planet becomes strong and dominating when in its exalted state, in contrast, it becomes weak in its debilitated state and offers unfavourable results. Similarly, other planets also become combust when they come within a certain minimum distance from Sun.

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