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ekso exoskeleton bionic device

Factors that may influence or contribute to the inaccuracy of the forward-looking statements or cause actual results to differ materially from expected or desired results may include, without limitation, the Company’s inability to obtain adequate financing or maintain operating revenues (including as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic) to fund the Company’s operations and necessary to develop or enhance the Company’s technology, the significant length of time and resources associated with the development of the Company’s products, the Company’s failure to achieve broad market acceptance of the Company’s products, the failure of the Company’s sales and marketing efforts or of partners to market the Company’s products effectively, adverse results in future clinical studies of the Company’s medical device products, the failure to obtain or maintain patent protection for the Company’s technology, the failure of the Company to obtain or maintain regulatory approval to market the Company’s medical devices, disruptions in the Company’s supply chain due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and other delays that may result from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company’s lack of product diversification, existing or increased competition, and the Company’s failure to implement the Company’s business plans or strategies. The new exoskeleton device is installed with EksoView, a new touchscreen controller enabling therapists to intuitively adapt assistance to challenge patients using real-time feedback. Aside from being the only exoskeleton FDA-cleared for ABI, EksoNR also is truly a rehab tool for physical therapists to challenge their patients, requiring active participation known to drive brain plasticity. August 15th, 2019 Medgadget Editors Neurology, Rehab. Image: Ekso Bionics has introduced next generation exoskeleton device for neurorehabilitation. It reduces fatigue and shoulder and back muscle strain, as well as reduces work-related injuries to the neck, shoulder, and back. MktoForms2.loadForm("//", "970-ZLO-155", 2172); Chief Executive Officer, OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital, Chief Medical Officer, Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Physical Therapist, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Medical Director, Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital Northeast Houston, Director, Max Näder Center for Rehabilitation Technologies & Outcomes Research, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, Physician, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Executive Director of Outpatient Rehab Services, University Health System, Medical Director, Barrow Neurological Institute. Ekso Bionics Unveils Its Latest Assistive Exoskeleton Innovation for Industrial Use,,,,, Ekso Bionics® Unveils its Latest Assistive Exoskeleton Innovation for Industrial Use. Ekso is the only exoskeleton designed specifically by clinicians for clinicians and features software incorporating early mobility tools and independent walking support. Who should I contact? Ekso fits patients under 220 pounds and between 5′ and 6’4″. EVO offers 5-15 pounds of lift assistance in each arm to elevate and alleviate the day-to-day strain on workers across all industries. EksoZeroG helps ease the physical burden on construction and demolition workers. To learn more about EksoNR and it’s new features, watch our “What’s New” video. Ekso Bionics exoskeletons are only available for patients from 5′ to 6′ 4″. Building on the Company’s trailblazing EksoVest technology, EVO’s innovative design is the next step in the evolution of industrial exoskeletons. With countless partners like Johns Hopkins, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, Kessler Institute, the Department for Veteran’s Affairs, UCLA, and more, Ekso’s technology is based on clinical expertise and feedback from industry leaders. Designed to sit in the palm of a therapists’ hand, EksoView offers visualisation of various exercises beyond gait training, including balancing, squatting from sit-to-stand positioning, lifting one leg, or standing in one place, helping to actively involve patients and improve the outcome. A photo accompanying this announcement is available at Ekso Bionics is the only exoskeleton company to offer technologies that range from helping those with paralysis to stand up and walk, to enhancing human capabilities on job sites across the globe. Called EVO, this innovative upper body exoskeleton features a new patented low profile and is light, flexible, and cool and comfortable to wear for all-day use, while also maintaining the ruggedness and durability that Ekso is known for. Ekso Bionics is striving to alleviate the burden on hard-working people, drastically reducing the number of workplace injuries and cutting down on worker fatigue. Who should I contact? Ph: (510) 984-1761 We continue to innovate to ensure physical therapists have access to the latest tools to deliver better patient outcomes and superior care in neurorehabilitation. Get announcements and promotions directly to your inbox.

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