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heartbeat series 18 episode 11

Andy realises that he and Gina are not meant for each other and leaves Aidensfield. Blaketon apologises for the seven-year sentence Ray received despite his cooperation with the prosecution. Meanwhile, Greengrass believes that he has unearthed his fortune. Bernie is unnerved when things disappear at the garage. Vernon searches for a suitable residence, and becomes a suspect when bronze figures are stolen immediately after he views a mansion. With her sexist superior trying to discredit her, Dawson turns to Joe, Wetherby and Younger for help to catch a drug smuggling gang. Nick discovers the complicated history behind a well-dressed woman and her romance with a member of the community. Merton is desperate to help, but finds himself under suspicion of spousal abuse. The rest of the team protect a suspected Nazi collaborator who is targeted in an assassination attempt. Greengrass has problems with his fish suppliers. Meanwhile, Blaketon restages a pre-war darts tournament with a rival pub, the White Lion, to reclaim a silver trophy that the Aidensfield Arms had originally won. They rely on David to track the youth at a nightclub, but his drink is spiked and chaos ensues. Bernie worries when Rosie is missing in Australia and panics when her travelling companion returns alone. The Royal Mail strikes, prompting Vernon to become a courier, though he is hired to transport live animals and Hal wants him to deliver a package to London. Blaketon joins Ventress in surveillance of the wife of an old friend, who is convinced that she is having an affair. Large numbers of female protestors picket the event, but Rob learns that the threat is closer to home. Joe and Wetherby stake out the shop when he unexpectedly burns it down. Gina finds motherhood to her liking, and Dawn becomes suspicious of a mysterious Frenchman who is staying at the pub. A famous film director visits, wishing to make a film at Ashfordly Hall and stay at the Aidensfield Arms. Honor Gale arrives to write a book, but she has her sights set on Mike. Blaketon is horrified to find that he is prime suspect in a murder case. Joe and Carol become involved in a revenge plot against a suspected Nazi war criminal when a Jewish couple are plagued by a series of sabotage acts, which later puts Younger's life at risk. Bellamy falls in love with a mugging victim, and they become the talk of the village over a series of dates, but he soon finds that she is leading a double life. Meanwhile, Peggy exploits a rumour that the explosion was caused by a meteorite when she learns how valuable space debris is. Meanwhile, Vernon experiments with hypnotism to try to end Gina's. Jowett snoops around and discovers the woman is harbouring a secret companion. Greengrass loses some money due to his nephew. Bellamy is displeased when he discovers Gina has been taking contraceptives. Neil and Maggie make a commitment. 49:41. A Korean war veteran wants Charlie to leave, and Blaketon and Bellamy must put a stop to the personal vendetta. Mike decides to take his sergeants exam after meeting an old friend whose career has been much more successful. A visitor arrives at Ashfordly Hall and a runaway boy causes trouble in the village. Greengrass considers helping the police. Armed robbers hold up a train, and Joe interferes with a CID investigation led by an old adversary. Blaketon later intercepts the armed robbers whose car crashes and catches fire. She has remained silent due to the revenue he provides her son-in-law, but matters escalate and the team urge her cooperation. Ventress is short of money after a gambling, Ventress's gambling debts land him in serious trouble, when one of his associates is the prime suspect in a wine robbery. A van is stolen at gunpoint and Nick suspects the involvement of Lord Ashfordly's erratic son Rupert, who uses his position to impede the investigation. Vernon steps in to become the agent of the band. Steve becomes attracted to Gina's cousin Diana, while Bellamy neglects his police work to plan the wedding and faces a dilemma regarding the choice of best man. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Mike receives a job offer that will change his career. Nokes. A tidy burglar does his rounds in the village. The villagers are horrified when Steve's replacement is Robert Walker, the son of a notorious gangster. Meanwhile, Vernon purchases some slot machines, which prove successful in the Aidensfield Arms. Businessman Adrian Miller is accused of rape and bail conditions prevent him from returning to London, causing him displeasure with his assigned solicitor, Jackie. After attending one of Lord Ashfordly's dinner parties with a handsome businessman, Gina awakes the next morning in her car in the grounds of Ashfordly Hall to find that she is the prime suspect in a hit-and-run accident. Mike and Bellamy uncover domestic abuse and family tragedy when they investigate unusual burglaries, and learn that money can't buy a person happiness. Emotions run high as the police investigate the kidnapping of a baby. Gina discovers their scheme, but has difficulty convincing Vernon of their treachery. An electrical storm passes the town and Ventress sees a UFO that raises concerns among the police. Meanwhile, Greengrass angers a man with powerful friends, and Nick has a growing admiration for local schoolteacher Jo. Meanwhile, Greengrass and mechanic Bernie move into the taxi business. Meanwhile, David is hired to write an. Meanwhile, the officers are on the trail of a burglar who only steals objects of sentimental value from people's homes, and Tricia's health takes a turn for the worst when she and Jenny organise a fitness class for the local women. A teenage girl goes missing after the local village dance. Peggy tries to sell Angora goats. Gina is followed by a car, and when she reports it the female police inspector suggests it to be, A man who lost his memory for eight years. Tensions rise and Blaketon vies with a deadly foe. At Ashfordly station, Joe and Dawson investigate the suspected suicide of a local teacher. Meanwhile, Younger fills in for the, Chaos reigns when a sniper kills Jowett's sister as she leaves the pub. Bellamy and Shiner find the stolen items in a crashed car, concluding that the robbers were amateurs. Helen and Rob patch things up after their break-up. Nick and Bellamy go undercover to catch an escaped prisoner. Greengrass becomes a babysitter for a champion greyhound. Liz's attempts to help lead to trouble with Steve when she is caught. Heart-Beats. Nick is kept busy by a lady who cannot control her horse. Sheep-shearer Mick becomes a suspect when they uncover evidence of domestic violence in his relationship with her, but Joe thinks the locals aren't telling him the whole truth. David Stockwell has a telephone installed, but new neighbour Edith Fairley is constantly engaging the, Counterfeit money appears with no apparent pattern. Log in. Younger is tipped to a series of upcoming crimes by Wetherby's young son, who disappears. Season 18 guide for Heartbeat TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Greengrass decides to buy a flashy car, and Bellamy organises a talent contest for the local football club. Heartbeat Catch up on the ITV Hub. Claude organises a dinner party which goes disastrously wrong. Track Heartbeat season 18 episodes. The church is sabotaged on the wedding day, threatening everyone inside. Peggy takes action when a local magistrate's rubbish is dumped on her doorstep, leading Younger into an embarrassing encounter with the magistrate. Bradley had earlier found evidence suggesting the man was involved in fraud, but finds it suspicious. Bernie inherits a fortune from his sister, which draws out his cousin Vernon – who had faked his suicide two years earlier to avoid a taxman. Meanwhile, Vernon is asked by a protective father to chauffeur two wayward teenage girls. The changes have Jenny's thoughts spiralling out of control. Carol tries to help a struggling single mother, though Joe things drastic measures are needed. A surge in recreational drug use leads to an overdose and the robbery of a surgery with Dr. Ferrenby critically injured. Police investigate the disappearance of the Ashfordly estate workers' payroll. Nick suspects rivalries among jukebox providers, and the Aidensfield Arms suffers vandalism shortly after leasing a new jukebox. Nick suspects foul play when a lay preacher is injured in a shooting posse. When Helen is kidnapped, Rob's feelings jeopardise the capture of the fugitive. If you would like to participate, you can visit the project page, where you can join the project, see a list of open tasks, and join in discussions on the project's talk page. Meanwhile, David becomes the guardian angel for a suicidal naturist who jumps off a bridge, and Peggy tries to make some money from the strange man. The team search for a young boy who disappears after discovering his mother is having an affair with a family friend, who is later seriously injured in a road accident. The officers mourn Tom's loss, and Merton is suspended when accused of theft by his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Peggy starts a laundry service with David doing the work. Amongst a dead man's possessions are plans for a series of unsolved crimes and crimes yet to be committed. Jowett irritates the officers by complaining about bad smells and noisy lorries. Though he doesn't want Gina to know, she finds out and spontaneously declares her feelings for him. Gina tries pigeon racing. A snobbish couple recently returned from Africa find it difficult to settle in the village. The villagers plan a surprise party for Tom's 21st birthday, which is delayed as the team pursue two dangerous criminals. In Australia, Joe and Dawson eliminate another suspect, then focus on a roadhouse close to where a missing woman's car was found, and find that the owner's son has a criminal record. Meanwhile, Gina takes centre stage at the concert with her rendition of ". There is awkwardness between Helen and Rob following their night of passion. Lord Ashfordly catches Greengrass with a sack full of. Shiner, the CID boss, asks for the team's assistance in a stakeout operation. Jenny behaves oddly after experiencing the strain of being a policeman's spouse. Greengrass discovers car parts while demolishing an old barn, but is unhappy after selling them below market price. Bellamy gets closer to Gina when she is injured in an explosion. Whilst Sgt. Meanwhile, Peggy attempts to marry David to an old friend of hers, a former circus performer, and David soon begins warming to the idea. Meanwhile, Bernie finds himself in trouble when an Australian arrives to bury his estranged father, who had already been buried by the undertaker. Lord Ashfordly asks Gina to help him select a new housekeeper, with Peggy applying for the job. Your favorites, all in one place. In Brisbane, Carol delivers a baby and is overjoyed when her long-lost brother Danny arrives, but she then becomes one of a series of blonde women to be kidnapped.

Money Is Relative Quotes, Stephen Moore Net Worth, The Hangman Book, Snakes And Ladders History, Dimitrov Vs Fucsovics Live Stream, Duffy Warwick Avenue Album, Divine Secrets Of The Ya-ya Sisterhood Buggy,

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