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holland asylum process

In fact, even at the IND last year, there was a directive to prioritize the asylum seekers and failed asylum seekers over the application for citizenship of other applicants… the ones who actually paid for the service. Like I said, there are opportunists. They can remain longer, if they cooperate with the government on returning home. If I remember correctly, I think there were a few people who agreed with her, a lot of expats who became quite defensive and a tad abusive towards her, most who very nicely tried to tell her to stop being slightly nutty and see things from these people’s point of view and a few Dutch that defended the point of view of the refugees by using the typical “go back to where you came from” argument (That saying never seems to get old and makes me cringe every time). Wife of Geert Wilders is Hungarian. The Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man, Life in the Netherlands Through the Eyes of a Sarcastic Expat. They’ll cast their votes for the party that promises to be the toughest with immigrants. If they don’t, they are to be thrown out on the streets. Food and shelter being a minimum. Romanian mayors saw their crime stats plummet, thanks to open borders. Asylum applications can be lodged at the border or on Dutch territory. And for eastern Europeans, it is a common problem in NL because they come to NL and get uitkering then go back to their country where the money is happily being transferred. There used to be housing problems, not anymore. From what I know, most of them actually get priority now over the citizens lining up for social renting/housing. There will always be that kind of people. An infographic showing the steps in the Dutch asylum procedure. Yet you made a blank assessment of all “Eastern Europeans” obviously not backed by any statistics. In the Netherlands, tolerance is automatically granted by virtue of having a Dutch passport. Asylum-seekers that pass the process, are obviously entitled to have somewhere to live. Torture, brutal treatments, opposite political beliefs, religion or persecution are the main reasons why people search for asylum in countries where freedom is a guaranteed right, no matter the race or culture. Those lawyers don’t work for charity, and they’re not cheap either. (Bugger off home, wherever that may be). Any person arriving in the Netherlands and wishing to apply for asylum must report to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). Let them starve! The Netherlands, has been receiving a lot of criticism about its treatment of failed asylum seekers. Aliens who do not need protection and therefore do not receive a residence permit, must leave the country. Which is really bad because I (being a highly skilled migrant working for a multinational corporation) also know the struggles of being labeled as such just because I came from a particular country/region. Just come out and say: we don’t believe non-Europeans have human rights, at least not in our country.”, Filed Under: Dutch Tolerance, The Netherlands Tagged With: asylum-seekers netherlands, dutch asylum-seekers, refugees netherlands. Why try to become a member of the UN Security Council? Only the five largest cities in the Netherlands will be allowed to offer accommodation to rejected asylum-seekers for a maximum of two weeks. This is the same debate they are having in Australia at the moment about the people coming in, on boats – and the irony of all this is that I have seen a few idiot right wing Aussies who probably crept out of some hole in the ground, start quoting the village idiot, Geert Wilders! Everyone can find anecdotal examples of “others” abusing the system. recently some of them have been relocated to empty vacation parks. Your email address will not be published. A survey of EU countries which concludes that the Netherlands is the second worst country in Europe for unemployment of people from non-Western, EU = responsible for allowing Eastern Europeans into the Netherlands, Eastern Europeans = almost as bad as muslims (unless you’re married to one like Geert Wilders), Refugees = the country is full send them somewhere else, I often have to wait for at least ten minutes when attempting to buy, Getting a seat on a tram in Amsterdam is incredibly difficult (this has nothing to do with the Dutch always occupying the outside seat), Try getting a seat on a cafe terrace on the rare occasions that the sun shines, Bike lanes are often full, it’s difficult to hold hands with your partner while cycling as it’s so busy, When there’s a sale on you can get crushed by the sheer volume of people looking to get their ‘korting’. government pays for every lawyer that offers their services to asylum seekers and other illegals for free? After this, the idea is that they should then voluntarily rot op naar hun eigen land. Herr, I know because I have seen the actual cases/files. I actually sympathize with some of the concerns of Dutch people with regards to asylum seekers. “I’m Dutch, and the Dutch are tolerant, therefore, I must be tolerant.” This unwavering belief in the tolerance granted by having the Dutch nationality, excuses all kinds of behavior. Previously, they would have remained in an asylum center until their true identity was determined. Now some of my non-Dutch speaking expat readers, may be wondering what all the fuss is about in the Dutch media about uitgeprocedeerde asielzoekers/rejected asylum-seekers. You must refer to students or the expat scene, as the ones in little Warsaw, The Hague, are good people but the only multinational involved is brewing their canned beer. Also, Like Pontius Pilate, the government have washed their hands clean of all further responsibility. But 1st hand experience tells me many are good people and by working and similar habits they fit in. You of all people criticizing others for making “sweeping statements”, that’s nice honey. This is a known problem within Belastingdienst. I’m not saying asylum seekers are bad. We can debate the rights and wrongs of this, but just like Amsterdam cyclists being a menace on the roads, it’s just a fact of life that you have to deal with. Recommended Sites and Services For Expats. The Government can’t stop all those Eastern Europeans coming in because of the EU, but at least with asylum seekers they can do something about it. Asylum seekers entering the Netherlands by plane can report to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee at Schiphol Airport. After identification and registration, asylum seekers are transferred to a reception centre, which is usually near the application centre that will process the asylum application. All of the people I know from Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary etc are highly qualified professionals working for multinational corporations. Required fields are marked *. And Hungary is Central Europe. Sometimes the Repatriation and Departure Service (DT&V) assists in this process. Another side of the story, have you ever wondered how much I’m also not a native Dutch but I do see the other side of the coin too. Rejected asylum seekers. prioritising asylum seekers, may that have to do with their onw imposed deadlines for expulsion? It is sad for them having to do everything to get out of their country and come to a strange land, but I do get it that some Dutch citizens are complaining because they have been working hard and paying high taxes all their lives and they see money spent on asylum seekers (among other things). The organization also used “ NGO twinning projects ,” which is a process used to facilitate … Just a thought…. But I do believe in opportunists. If an asylum application is denied, the asylum seeker must leave the Netherlands. With regards to kicking them out, they are actually being paid to leave the country, with a monthly allowance. Like attracts like I suppose from all the way on the other side of the blessed planet! Henk and Ingrid once saw an African family buying bitterballen in Brabant, therefore the country is being flooded with asylum-seekers. That the Dutch government has been ordered by the council of europe to find a solution is pretty shameful. The policies of the PVV can be summarised as follows: The popularity of the PVV has led to the mainstream parties of government, the VVD and PVDA, desperately shifting to the right. There was also Pim Fortuyn, and his ideological successor Geert Wilders. Your email address will not be published.

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