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how is a santur played

Now technology helps us to tune the Santur even before we start studding it. There is another accidental in. We video captured this studies since we believe in the development of Persian Music. This is an introduction to Radief playing.. Book and DVD/CVD $50.00 - SEVEN PIECES SAMPLE. / a note, and the gamut rendered has a diatonic range of just over 3 octaves. The Indian version, i.e. Its range is a bit bigger but what it really allows for is more non-diatonic notes and greater ease of transposing from one tonic reference to another. SANTOOR / SANTUR TUNING TECHNIQUES : The Indian classical music instrument Santoor or Santur has 100 strings and 4 string groups tuned on same note. It is not good at sounding discrete notes, and harmonically it poses problems because of its long decay and non-equi-tempered tunings. The book is in 70 black & white pages and mostly in Persian language, but video tape is in Persian and English language both. ), (Shahed note on C. Also not too sure on this one), high: Ek or E, F, G, A, Bb, C, D, Eb or E, F, low octave: F#, G, A, B, C, D, E, F middle: E, F#, G, A, B, C, D, Ek or E, F high: E, F#, G, A, Bb, C, D, E, F, (Shahed note on F and I’m not 100% on this tuning, it is quite a variable one, depending on the melodies you want to emphasize. An experienced and qualified Santoor trainer guru for beginners, intermediate and advanced level Santoor students trains according to the GAALC Santoor instrumental music training curriculum for certificate level programs. T… On a somewhat higher note this can also be achieved, but for a smaller diapason . The resonator of kitharas generally consists of a box of which the face and back are parallel. So we could say the santur is the grandfather of the piano. santoor, is trapezoidal in shape and played with two wooden sticks. The length, width and height of the instrument, number of bridges, number of strings, their order and thickness, i.e. However, the bridges on the right do not allow this. The length, width and height of the instrument, number of bridges, number of strings, their order and thickness, i.e. Here we have Eb and Ek, Ab and Ak, and D and Dk. Accents – other than the staccato note which is muted after the stroke, the santur basically renders soft and loud. It needs to be worked out with the performer. This is complete Avaz e Afshari playing by notations from formal Radief e Saba for Santur, book II. Learning Free Videos », Santoor training class lessons online free Youtube videos, Learn The musical images in the iconographic remains belonging to the Old Babylonian and New Assyrian eras are considered the beginning of the santoor. This is done for the fine tone of the strings. Col Legno may work, its sound is brittle and in the estimation of the author’s informant (santurist Navid Goldrick) its sound is ‘sharp, dirty, messy’. Avaz e Afshari - 2003, Radief e Saba for Santur- Book II (in English and Persian languages), including DVD/CVD by Ahmad Borhani. Grace notes, nuances – these are very idiomatic, and there are specific kinds that are part of the traditional vocabulary. The basis of the principle of sound production in the santoor was later applied to the making of the modern pianoforte in which the strings are struck by mechanical keys. Although Turks used the santoor in the Ottoman period for the first time, it was used since the 19th and 20th centuries. If we start with the number of strings and the number of bridges, we would find that the number of strings varies between eighty to a hundred whereas the number of bridges have increased from twenty-five to twenty-nine, thirty-one and sometimes even forty-two, forty-three, thus varying the number of strings stretched on each bridge consequently. On this principle the piano and his relatives were build. However, it can be tuned according to the mode(s) called for, including their quarter tones and/or microtones. Now it’s the time to start playing Radief samples by notations. There are many other traditional santur tunings, and many more tunings are possible, including standard western diatonic tunings. Its long edge is about 90, its short edge is 35 and its depth is 6 centimeters. Now it is time to get more familiar with Radief playing style. Santoor musical instrument is known by different names in various regions such as Hungary, Romania, India, Korea, China, Greece, especially Turkey, Iraq and Iran. –. Tremolo is highly idiomatic. Some santoor types have a small threshold for each string. 1. However, santoor is a melodic instrument. santoor; santur on Wikipedia. This can be done to some extent, depending upon whether the performer has these santurs at the ready. The bridges on the left allow for notes to both the left and the right of that bridge – thus one course can render two different notes. Book and DVD/CVD $50.00 - FIVE CHAHARMEZRABS SAMPLE. Santoor Hindustani Classical music instrument is played with a pair of light wooden mallets or hammers with both hands. So, where does the history of this musical instrument, which is spread over wide geographies? These pins and pegs are made of iron with chromium coating and tuned with the help of a hammer-shaped tuner. Dastgah – a primary mode or collection of modes. The num­ber of strings may be as few as 24 or more than 100. The strings of this instrument are hammered with two sticks. Alternative forms . Each country customized and designed its own versions to adapt to their musical scales and tunings. However, it is good for the composer to know about the tradition, and to consult closely with the performer to make sure that what he is writing is feasible and incorporates some of the instrument’s idiomatic expressions. Watch the sample please. Muting may offer a variation, as an extended technique. What are the santoor types? Another mode resulting from this tuning is a mixolydian on F, with the 3rd degree lowered a touch. It is played with 2 wooden beaters made of wood (the darker the wood the better) with felt tips. The santur has 72 strings, arranged in groups of four, i.e. Persian music which is a quarter (or microtone) sharp and it is called sori and is designated with an s. An example of a traditional tuning is the one for Dastgah Shur, as follows: low octave: F, G, Ak, Bb, C, D or Dk, Eb, F [played to the left of the right bridges] middle octave: Ek, F, G, Ak, Bb, C, D, Eb, F [played to the right of the left bridge] high octave: Ek, F, G, Ab, Bb, C, D or Dk, Eb, F [played to the left of the left bridges]. Wires are made of steel and bronze. It is important to note that the performer must play those strings in those places described above, because they actually dip down after a while and you can’t get down below between the strings with the hammers. Speed of execution of course is considerably compromised. 61). This threshold allows the authorities to be changed during enforcement. Both styles result in different tones. There are seventy two string,arranged in groups four . Only where the string is raised up can you strike it. The Santur tuning book and Persian intervals-1997 (in English and Persian languages) including DVD/CVD by Ahmad Borhani. Basic notes, solfeggio and authorities should be learned. This is an advanced etude to get familiar with the styles of the most famous Santur maestros by playing notations. The santoor, known to be of Iraq, Iran and India, has a total of 72 to 160 wires. The Santur / Santoor is a very delicate instrument and is very sensitive to light strokes and glides. This situates the tuning pins on the player’s right. Part of the limitation of the santur is that some sections of a given mode can only be played in a certain octave. Some are as follows: 12/8 || ceg ceg ceg ceg | cea ceg cef ceg ||, Appendix 1 – Some Traditional Santur Tunings. Harmonics – are not utilized, but on the lowest string harmonics are playable, since it is a single string. Some mallets have a sharper sound, some a lighter sound. CVD must be played by computer but it is easy to loop each individual lesson. Timbral variations are not convincing, regarding placement of the stroke. Just like the qanûn – whom it is close related to – the santur arrived in Europe during the Moorish occupation of Spain. NuSTAR, … If there are major note then the Santoor Strings are tuned on major notes chronologically. The result is a clipped sound, but with a ghost note, which is the sympathetic resonance of the original note on other open strings. It comes in handy when getting familiar with scales that are similiar, but have different names. Players do not usually like to move the bridges, but it may be useful in certain cases to enable a small tuning change. This is for the first time in the history of Persian Music that an instructor has put the best of his knowledge into a visual etude for public. Our etudes are all in English and Persian and include DVD/CVD (your choice). each of four closely spaced strings are tuned to the same pitch. It is played with 2 wooden beaters made of wood (the darker the wood the better) with felt tips. Radief is in 12 different modal systems, 7 Dastgahs (including: Shure, Mahur, Rast Panjgah, Nava, Homayoun, Segah, Chahargah) and 5 Avazes (including: Abuata, Dashti, Afshari, Bayat e Tork, Isfahan). The santûr is a very popular court music instrument in Iran but also in Turkey and Iraq. After you finish the book, you will be able to begin playing the RADIEF of ABOLHASAN SABA for the Santur. Bent notes – by bending to the right of the right bridge one can obtain a slide, over a very small diapason (a semitone?) It is an instrument that can reach very different tones, as each string stretched symmetrically to 75 holes has a different pitch. It seems to be something a composer may want, to obtain harmonic intervals which are muted after playing, thus rendering a discrete harmonic accompaniment. These two notes are an octave apart – one is in the middle octave and the other in the high octave; Here is an example of a Santur tuning that the author created for a recent (2007) composition of his. The strings of the santoor types, which are frequently used today, are tuned in triple, quadruple or five. Thus the instrument is yet to be standardised. None of the very few 19th century Ottoman santurs extant today resemble each other in terms of dimensions and number of strings. hard attack on notes gives a certain presence. This instrument was traded and traveled to different parts of the Middle East. How To Play Santoor Online Classes, Indian One can experiment with these ideas, together with the santurist. Mehdi Siadat played Santur in these albums: “Charkhe Gardoo” and “Khiale Bigharari” composed by B.Faryadras “Rasme Yari” composed by B. Faryadras Teaching … It is in 42 pages color printed. Following the etude no 1, Book 2 begins with legato and roll (RIZZ) music notations playing on Santur. Nowadays it still plays an important role in the music of the balkan countries, especially with the Hungarian and Romanian gypsies where it is known under the name cymbalon. There are several sound posts inside the box, and two small rosettes on the top panel which help to amplify the sound. Some bridges have three strings and some have two. Even if this is not a santur, it is the idea that gave rise to it. There are alternate tunings, to enable certain places where one can play certain maqams (modes) or dastgahs (modal groups). A traditional Iranian santur has 9 high cords divided into octaves and one row of 9 bass cords tuned an octave lower. Very nice content about Santoor, thank you :), All blog comments are checked prior to publishing, Relationships Between Persian Santoor and Indian Santoor. Although it is known that the word is based on Persian, according to some, it comes from the word "Psanterin" in the Torah. This type of Santoor tuning has a wonderful effect that the Santoor strings that are not struck reverberate and they resonate at the same time. 1. While playing Santoor, the broad side of Santoor is closer to the waist of the musician and the shorter side of Santoor is away from the Santoor player musician.

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