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ideal boyfriend qualities

A good boyfriend is neither an impassive machine nor an immovable mountain. 10. He doesn’t backtrack on his words. Spreading harmful advice like that allows them to earn about 19 billion dollars every year on one single corporate festival that we call Valentine’s Day. There’s the potential of a great boyfriend in every guy, if only he chooses to reflect within and turn himself into the man of your dreams. 8. Never ever break someone’s heart by cheating. These ideal attributes include: 1. #17 – A great sex life is all about communication. Jerry also wants to win Amanda’s heart. A man should make an effort to show an interest but also take the responsibility yourself to be direct about things and start the dialogue. Couples who are playful and teasing often defuse potentially volatile situations with their humor. A good boyfriend is as honest as he is loyal. Giving her mind-blowing orgasms releases a lot of oxytocin that makes her want to stay with you forever. Expressiveness Have more pointers? Genuine empathy Let the animal lover in you roam wild! Hell, a lot of mainstream publications even try to convince you that giving up the leadership is totally okay, because she is such a strong and independent woman. No matter how busy he is or how occupied he is, he always makes time for you. A good boyfriend does not merely sympathize; he genuinely empathizes. Your email address will not be published. In order to be the best boyfriend, you need to love your girlfriend like no one else. Consequently, Some links to products contain affiliate links. Do you want her to be respectful? Let me introduce two guys to you. There are a couple of reasons why I see it this way, but the main reason is that I don’t want to buy fake affection, love and attraction. Use the list above as your guide to finding or becoming a good boyfriend. However, there are indispensable qualities that a person must simply possess to be a good, if not ideal, romantic partner. Let’s have a look at the real qualities of a good boyfriend that have nothing to do with buying flowers and expensive gifts. Open-mindedness She deserves a man who cares about her and you deserve a girl you care about. Let the following metaphor guide you to relationship bliss: “if you’re not sure whose turn it is to take out the trash, make it your turn.” (Hint: it applies to more than just trash!). Could I be monogamous if I would agree upon an exclusive relationship? Surprises need not always be expensive; it needs to be filled with loads of love. An ideal partner is thus willing to reflect on his or her history and is interested in understanding how old events inform current behaviors. Maturity. The one thing that makes every woman happy is a good, intense and earth-shaking orgasm. As a perfect boyfriend you are a strong leader who doesn’t judge her for the fact that she loves sex and who gives her mind-blowing orgasms whenever and wherever you can. However, it is also widely misunderstood. #5 – When I get home after a hard day at work the last thing in the world I want to do is talk about my day. Sooner or later you will meet a special girl. Of course they don’t tell you that this behavior forces her to jump in bed with another dude who is smart enough to not believe them. When someone is free-thinking and open-minded, it enables them to be forthright in expressing feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires, which allows you to truly know them. [Read: 23 must-know relationship tips and advice for women]. Am I being subtly emotionally abused? June is the most popular month for weddings. He shows resilience in making the relationship work for as much as he reasonably can, and he does not purposefully commit acts that would damage the bond that he and his partner share. Honesty builds trust between people. Regardless of how tempting things may get, you should not ditch her for another girl. It’s not about a boyfriend who remembers to take out the trash or a girlfriend who never runs late. He’s innovative and tries to keep sex fun because he realizes that sex is just as important as love in a happy romance. She will adore you for doing this. I wrote about the fact that wanting a girlfriend is a noble goal and I also gave you a step by step guide on how to get a girlfriend. #24 – Allow each other to have some parts of your life that are separate and do not invade each others territory uninvited. Try new things. When he says that he will stay by his partner’s side, he puts such words to heart, and when there comes a time when his partner feels lonely, he genuinely does all he can to show her/him that she/he is not alone—that he is with her/him. I’m so blessed . Suggested read: 10 sure signs he is boyfriend material, All-important qualities of a good boyfriend, Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License. A great boyfriend stays in touch all the time, and keeps you updated about his life. Being open and honest in our most intimate relationships means really knowing ourselves and our intentions. The ideal partner realizes the importance of honesty in a close relationship. A little kiss here and there, a gentle touch, intense eye contact and sexual innuendos throughout the day ensure a happy relationship. A good boyfriend would always try to impress your friends and your family, even if he can’t get along with a few of them, because he wants them to believe he’s a great guy worthy enough of dating a sweet girl like you. Tall, Dark, and Handsome. #19 He’s a man of principles. In case you are a bit confused now, the following questions will help you to understand what I mean: Do I want to have an open relationship or an exclusive one? Here’s How, The Right Way to Say You’ve Fallen Out of Love Without Hurting Someone, Best Sex Positions to Improve Your Sex Life. It’s up to you to set the parameters for what counts as a breach of trust in your relationship: for some, kissing will be crossing the line, for others, obvious, disrespectful flirting will spark a serious argument. A great boyfriend is almost always a great guy too. Is He Falling In Love With You, But Is Scared To Tell You That? This was our checklist for the qualities of a good boyfriend. However, it can be a drag for women to be with men who consider themselves comedians but steamroll or ignore our own jokes and witty asides. You will need to stick to your resolution of being loyal and faithful to her. Hollywood’s Finest Couples That Called It Quits Without Warning, If You Want To Go The Distance, Here Are 9 Habits To Learn From Happy Couples. As her boyfriend, you should be striving to find ways to make her happy. [Read: Am I being subtly emotionally abused? An important component of being a great boyfriend is being generous and helpful. If she then agrees that change would be beneficial to her own personal development and the relationship, it’s the best that can happen. #1 – Communication. In case one of my past lovers will ever read this article I want to deeply apologize. A driving force to constantly improve exists in a good boyfriend. They develop a strong sense of independence and autonomy, having differentiated from destructive influences from early in life. But how do you go from being a bumbling, ordinary guy to a dream boyfriend that women brag about? ALSO READ: 32 Qualities of a Good Girlfriend 4. Don’t expect perfection from one another and don’t over-analyse thinks.

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