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lela rochon 2019

But you can read it on the previous threads ????? You LOOK fatter older and uglier entertaining a doggish man periodt! I think she looks age appropriate & beautiful as ever. That man fathered an outside child, cheated on you numerous times. That's the tackiest mess ever. SAD BUT TRUE.......JENNY JONES!!! So she hasn't really been in alot of movie's lately, so a scandal broke out, about her hubby, now everybody want to see her new movie, was this staged, you know some folks are gullible. She has her reasons and it's her life. I feel you my stomach plumps up when I take time off too. use some of that $ for some boxtox/fillers and a weight loss program. He is tasked with choosing between the streets of South Florida or the chance to obtain higher education as a means to change his circumstances. come on spill the beans, I delivered 3 postmate orders to Lela and Antoine....theyre cheap bitches! Having a discussion about a celebrity isn’t shaming. This site uses cookies. Not all the time....look closely at her face ....Sometimes its rounder than others....Plus it effects everyone differently. I hate that look, it looks dumb!! I said the same thing. I’m one of them. But ummm... ok, I asked which was worse- she said the hell raiser. THAT'S NOTHING. Dr. P just had a conversation with a friend. I like Nia... talented and isn’t involved in media drama. I attended a sit down SAG conversation with Nia and she is the most down to earth,no nonsense.non filtered black actress I've ever seen. SHE CAN DO BETTER!!! HE ALREADY HAS 2 OTHER KIDS BY 2 OTHER WOMEN WHILE MARRIED TO HER SO WHAT'S A LITTLE KISSING OF A BRICK HOUSE LIKE NECOLE MURPHY AFTER STAYING WHEN HE'S DONE SOMETHING LIKE THAT? Girl please. Lela stars in "David Makes Man" which premieres Wednesday night on OWN. I think she's so pretty. Not viciously so but definitely had esteem bolstered by denigrating females with less fortunate looks. I asked why is she always looking because I don’t like cootie cat and my bae doesn’t have a problem with it. Unlike that snooty heffa Nia Long ? 9.6K Views 0 1. I cheat on rice w pasta. The world already knows how he gets down. My mom picked up weight in her 30s and damn if it didn’t happen to me ?????. I dunno why she stays with him? Black women ....... Just think about it - if she ever decides to leave when her kids are 18 and out of the house. I was just thinking I haven’t seen no pics of her until now but then again I said to myself she does have a new project so ????? I'm looking forward to the OWN premiere next week. This ain’t the snowflake garden. I have been a size 2/4 my entire life ...two years diagnosed I was a 10. The synopsis for the show, which is from Academy Award-winning Moonlight writer Tarell Alvin McCraney and loosely based on his life, is about a 14-year-old prodigy named David who is haunted by the death of a friend and simultaneously trying to get his mother and himself out of poverty. Surprisingly enough, she was still rocking her wedding ring on the red carpet. ? There needed to be a point where the actress would resurface and it happened this week at a special event for the premiere of David Makes Man on OWN. When it get late or be too early and I ain’t had my coffee anything is likely to come out ? she married to a DOG, it's that simple. But your friend is dead right with that! Yew dammmn skippy....let Lela live her best life.....she has nutn tew hide or be ashamed of. ?? Well damn.. WOW! Fuqua and Rochon have both been silent since the world was shaken up by the news and as a direct result of the backlash against her husband, Rochon deactivated her social media accounts. women and men gain weight during marriage my husband's has gain weight and I love every inch of him. I notice that. Privacy | She said you want to have peace in your home. Say it again for the folks in the back ?? I don't support women who allow themselves to look like fools. It's about peace. Hey maybe she lets him cheat. You are so right she could leave at any time. She has never said that, folks saw her swole and said she must have lupus as if we cant eat our way to a swollen body. I did and God damn!!! She took several photos, put on a big smile and a brave face before the internet started to talk. LEAVE THIS WOMAN ALONE! Whew! Well sip muthufreakin' SIPPPPPPP then!!!! Never fat. We go back outside of the industry. Like a mofo can’t gain weight with out someone making a comment. Her looks are not the issue They wasn't studdin her a few months ago. "they'll still take you down whether you big or little. It's Not My Business. We must have some size 2 super models in our garten. I know "I" ain't missing no meals. ?? We don’t what Lelahs situation is and the reason for her weight gain. you probably aint got one anyway so you wouldn't know, bwahhahahahahahahaha!!!!!! I still am! I think its a marriage of will and jada, Listen I watch my 600 pound life faithfully and all them big women KEEP a man that man be in there cooking that food and hosing em down on the front/back porch or giving them a bed bath I know for a fact it’s somebody out here for everybody. My mom got fat too once she hit about 45. You're no where near being thin. Most black women in America are fat and this is a gossip board so they are gossiping about a fat black woman welcome to MY fucking TedTalk. Much shorter and thinner than in her 20s. Don't take him back! I done seen it all on that show. Anybody remember that jawn? Maybe anti depressants they make u gain weight. Lela is old enough to know what she wants by now and to also know you can't stop a man from doing nothing. Is it the rice....omg....I just cant let rice gooooo. She lives down the road from me, well...a different city but this is California! Lela Rochon Staples (born April 17, 1964), known professionally as Lela Rochon, is an American actress, best known for her starring role as Robin Stokes in the 1995 romantic drama film Waiting to Exhale. advice and career trends - and MadameNoire provides all of that. Plus she would get child support maybe some alimony or spousal support if she left. This is a triggering topic because so many black women are fat. Her face is very fat and it's as if she's on some type of meds. Some gain a lot of weight in face and stomach and legs due to meds and swelling. I agree with everything you say and I am sick of the damn excuse making. I was done after the TED Talk comment. I love that show & them gals keep a man. Lela Rochon stepped out for one of the first times since the public cheating scandal involving her husband and Nicole Murphy. Exercise does not get this weight off. If she can be happy with her man gallivanting around town with another woman...????? Good for her... don't hide because HE can't keep it tght. Girl! Lela maybe a lot of stuff but I don't think she's as dumb as people think she is. Health and happiness come first! I'm not sure if it's just rumor or not but they say she has lupus...which if she does she might be managing with steroid shots which would make her have that shape. I know who does her hair. I refuse to let that happen to me. Fitness is a lifestyle and you have to be willing to sacrifice your time and some money for it. I can’t make this up if I tried. I really wonder what mental health issues these ppl are dealing with everyday How you hating on fat people. She's admitted to being humongous herself. Tags: Antoine Fuqua, Lela Rochon, makeup-free, natural hair, natural women, Nicole Murphy, Team Natural. Them carbs will fvck yew up quicker than sugar/sweets, I'm wondering because her face is tilted a bit. Thank you for coming to My TED TALK we have self help pamphlets in the back with sugar free cookies the next time you want to put your foot in your mouth... ? All those rolls collecting moisture & funk & some of them lay/sit on "wee pads" because they can't get up without assistance. "I was your lover & your seck-kah-tarry" ? That's her hair in that natural pic. These multi baby daddy, broke azz bucket heads click clackn on the the net AZZES... YEAH B I'M TALKING HELLA ISHI CAUSE I CAN AND TELLING IT AND AGREEING THE REAL.FOLK THAT MAKES SENSE... COUNT MY TYPOS CAUSE I backtracking to GAF ABOUT THE CRIYICS. I suspect the body shamers are young and all I can say is ‘keep on living’. How many 55 year old women (or men, for that matter) are bangers anyway? I love her!! Every woman has to make a decision about how much she will put up with, but whatever the decision, you want to live in peace. OMG!! She's aging well in my opinioin. The pics showed him kissing a bikini clad Nicole Murphy on the lips. I'm happy for her. Nia long needs to have 10000 seats. We just moved and I'm looking around the neighborhood like...yeah I can definitely walk this lil trail and work it out. In the words of Mary J. Blige, our good sis Lela Rochon is “Just fine.”. And you are illiterate or just traumatized....I clearly said pot vs kettle and you just generalized and said you were fat and black...I dont know if you are but if you want to be judged by me or the garden put your pic in the avi...Honey I see your type everyday your so "triggered" by my statement thats what led you into commenting originally...I know a self-hater when I see it and I dont even have to use my Clinical Psych MA to know....oh and using curse words for reading someone shows the level of maturity you have...again Im confused are you fat or never fat???

How Long Gone Podcast Twitch, Mccabe Family Motto, Isaiah Moore Oregon City, George Ennenga, University Of Applied Sciences Ranking,

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