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Felonies or indictable crimes are punishable by at least one year in prison. not be retrieved in your search results. New Jersey classifies DUI as operating any vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved by New Jersey Judiciary. to preserve the rule of law and to protect the rights and The websites that are being discussed here work at the state level, meaning you are not only getting access to Essex County court dockets but information on tribunals from all over New Jersey. New Jersey stores juvenile criminal records in the Juvenile Central Registry. Conviction records in New Jersey conviction records provide details of indictments, pleas, hearings, and sentencing of persons found guilty in criminal cases. Internet Explorer 9 or higher, please use Compatibility View. Please note: The New Jersey State Records website provides every New Jersey resident with tools to access public records. Read the Release on the Court's Action Plan The residents of Monmouth County, New Jersey enjoy the same freedom of information and transparency as the rest of the state thanks to the New Jersey Open Public Records Act. It is the medical value recognition that would take cannabis off of the Schedule 1 designation. expunged. See the video for tips on preparing for a remote court hearing. New Jersey does not try juveniles as adults unless requested by the juveniles in question or prosecutors and approved by Family Court judges. in connection with the improper or illegal use of information obtained from its It streamlines and standardizes IT procurement, giving suppliers "one stop" access to contract opportunities across the State. The residents of Ocean enjoy the freedoms granted to them by New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act. There are 13 state prisons in New Jersey. States Cities Database, Name of the individual accused and/or convicted of a criminal offense, including known aliases, Personal identifying data of the subject include gender, race, and date of birth, Subject’s full set of fingerprints and mugshot, Past and outstanding warrants and arrest history, Names of the arrested individual as well as identifying marks on their person, Subject’s age, gender, height, weight, and race, Detention facility where the offender was booked, Failure to appear in court or pay a court-ordered fine (bench warrant), Signature of judge or court administration approving the warrant and acknowledging probable cause, First-degree crimes in New Jersey include murder, manslaughter, and rape. document is an official signature. Paper records are also likely to deteriorate in storage. COVID-19 - Additional Guidance on the Requirement to Wear Face Masks in Court Facilities, Cash Payments for Child Support Primary Has Become the November Nightmare - The New York Times, The Gun: Vincent Palmieri disappeared from Staten Island in 1972; his death has a mysterious link to Western - MassLive.com, 34 States, Plus DC and Puerto Rico, Now on NY Quarantine List as U.S. Conducting a search on Staterecords.org is subject to our, "Publicly available records are a fundamental guarantee of our Freedoms & Democracy.". Criminal records are available from New Jersey courts, detention centers, and law enforcement agencies at state and local levels. For example, statewide criminal history records are available from the New Jersey State Police. These official documents also contain information about the incidents that led to the arrests described. Welcome to Municipal Court Case Search (MCCS) - the fast, secure and convenient way to look up Municipal Traffic or: Complaint information online. Judgments of Conviction & Orders for Commitment, Change of Judgments of Conviction, Change of Judgments Besides state-run prisons, there are also local jails in New Jersey. An arrest record is not proof of guilty or admission of culpability. Safety Precautions for Entering Court Buildings (Video) the matter was held. Examples of disorder person crimes are shoplifting, assault, resisting arrest, and possession of under 50 grams of marijuana. Notice - COVID-19 - Update on Resumption of Criminal and Civil Jury Trials; Next Steps New Jersey State Records contain the information about criminal records, court records, and vital records; including over 20 million transparent public records. A summons is different from an arrest warrant. strictly prohibited and may result in criminal prosecution, civil penalties,

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