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There is a mandatory provision of notice to be served on the government before filing of a suit. The plaintiff shall give summon to all the defendants via the concerning court and he shall bear the cost of the summons. Pleas regarding malice, fraud or misrepresentation should be mentioned in the plaint. Required fields are marked *, Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme. Plaint under CPC: Particulars, Procedure, Admission & Rejection A plaint is a legal document which contains the written statement of the plaintiff’s claim. in a wrong Court or in a court with not proper pecuniary jurisdiction. A plaint is the first step towards the initiation of a suit. Order 6 Rule 1 of the CPC defines pleadings as “a plaint or a written statement”. Essentials of Plaint and Provisions Regarding Return or Rejection of a Plaint – Section 26 of CPC Article shared by Section 26 of C.P.C. is given by the officer attached to that particular court for plaint. Particulars to be contained in plaint. Rule 9 lays ... Set-off: Order 8 Rule 6                                 In this article, we will discuss ... Plaint order -7 c.p.c., its meaning, essentials and particulars, form, etc. Plaint should contain details of the plaintiff such as the name, address, and description. Rules 14 to 17 contain provisions for the production of documents. Subsequent Events can be taken cognizance of it they are relevant and material. [Rule 6], When the document based on which the claim is presented, true copy of those documents must be attached, where the copies of those documents are not in the position of the plaintiff than a list of description of those documents must be made with the information of the current holder of the documents. Under section 26 of code of civil procedure, it is mentioned that every suit shall be instituted by the presentation of a plaint or such other manner as may be prescribed and those manners are listed under the rules of Order VII. There is no prohibition from filing of fresh plaint. Evidence need not be given. [Rule 3], When the suit is time-barred then the grounds of exemption must be added. The plaintiff has to specify against the paragraphs in the pleadings, what all he/she has verified by his her own awareness of the facts, and what has been verified as per information received, and subsequently believed to be true. The signature of the plaintiff/verifier, along with the date and the place, at the end of the plaint is essential. boundaries, survey numbers, etc; The interest and liability of the defendant in the subject-matter of the suit; Where the suit is time-barred, the ground upon which the exemption from the law of limitation is claimed; The formal part contains the following essentials:-. Notes on pleading in cpc and its essential, objects, rules and amendment etc. The reasons why the plaintiff wants to claim exemptions under the law if the suit is initiated after the period of limitation. Rule 9 lays down procedure on plaint being admitted. We will remove the error. Every plaint shall comply with the rules of contained under Order VI and Order VII of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 so far they are applicable. Rules 1to8 of order relate to particulars in a plaint. Plaint is defined in order 7 of CPC. Your email address will not be published. It … [Rule 1(i)], Every plaint shall contain the relief claimed by the plaintiff. [Rule 14], A plaint shall contain a verification at the end part of the pleadings by the party or some other person who is acquainted with the fact of the case. Plaint under CPC. The suit No. Where there is a suit there must be a plaint. Facta Probanda – facts that require to be proved. Facta Probantia – the evidence that is used to prove those facts. Set-off its Meaning, Essential, Effect under order 8 rule 6 of CPC. The name of the particular court where the suit is brought; [R.1(a)]; The name, place, and description of the plaintiff’s residence; [R.1(b)]; The name, place, and description of the defendant’s residence; [R.1(c)]; A statement of unsoundness of mind or minority in case the plaintiff or the defendant belongs to either of the categories; [R.1(d)]; The facts that led to the cause of action and when it arose; [R.1(e)]; That fact that point out to the jurisdiction of the court ; [R.1(f)]; A statement of the value of the subject-matter of the suit for the purpose of jurisdiction and court fees; [R.1(i)]; The relief claimed by the plaintiff, simply or on the alternative; [R.1(g)]; Where the plaintiff files a suit in a representative capacity the facts showing that the plaintiff has an actual existing interest in the subject matter and he has taken steps that may be necessary to enable him to file such a suit; Where the plaintiff has allowed a set-off or relinquished a portion of his claim, the amount so allowed or relinquished; [R.1(h)]; Where the subject-matter of the suit is immovable property description of the property sufficient to identify it, e.g. Under the PARTICULARS OF THE PLAINT, the word 'v' has been written pointwise. [Rule 1(b & c)], A plaint shall contain the statement of unsoundness for minority or minority in case the plaintiff or the defendant belongs to either of the categories. The plaint must be presented before an authorised court official (known as Shrestha) to accept it and register it to a register book. The verification can only be done before a competent court or in front of an Oath Commissioner. These are mentioned below: Plaint should contain the name of the commercial or civil court where a suit will be initiated. Order 6 Rule 1 of the CPC defines pleadings as “a plaint or a written statement”. [Rule 1(g)], If the suit is for recovery of money then the precise claim amount must be there. In a plaint only the facts have to be stated. All facts pertaining to the dispute must be raised in the plaint. It is necessary for every plaint to contain the date when the cause of action arose. [Rule 2], It shall be signed by the party and his pleader if a party fails to do so due to absence or any other good reason,  it might be signed by a duly authorised person by that party. Rejection of Plaint (after filling and before numbering), Prolawctor Daily News Update | 8 November 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 7 November 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 6 November 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 5 November 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 4 November 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 3 November 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 2 November 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 1 November 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 31 October 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 30 October 2020, Civil Procedure with Limitation Act 1963 by C K Takwani, The Key To Indian Practice (A Summary Of The Code Of Civil Procedure) by Mulla, Ratanlal and Dhirajlal’s the Code of Criminal Procedure, Prolawctor Daily Legal News|18 August 2020, Online Internship Opportunity at Legal Wing: Apply by 25 August 2020, Written Statement: Set-off & Counter Claim: CPC Free Notes - Prolawctor, Suits by or Against the Government or the Public Officers in Their Official Capacity: CPC Free Notes - Prolawctor. [Rule 1(d)], Every plaint shall contain the fact constituting the cause of action and where it arises. In the same way, if there is more than one plaintiff and their cause of action is not joint, then too, the same has to be mentioned separately. The evidence used to prove a fact must never be raised in plaint or written statement. [Rule 2], Where the subject of the suit is an immovable property then the sufficient description of the boundaries, as well as the record of rights must be included. The plaintiff shall provide a true copy of plaint to each of the defendants with the summon notice. If you like this post then please like and comment. Written Statement must specifically deny all paras of the plaint and must give the defendants version of the story. The plaint must state all the facts showing how the court has pecuniary and territorial jurisdiction over the subject-matter of the suit. It should be shown in the plaint that the defendant is interested in the subject matter and therefore must be called upon by the court. [Rule 7], Where the plaintiff files a suit in a representative capacity that must properly stated with the mention of required legal procedure. Whereas rules 10 to 10-B provide for the return of plaint, and appearance of parties, rules 11 to 13 deal with rejection of plaint. [Rule 1(a)], The Relief must be specifically stated. plaintiff. A statement regarding the date of cause of action.

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