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regenerative agriculture course

Jairo has taught extensively in Europe and his teaching is relevant here as well as in South America. The process of regenerative agriculture also allows for soil carbon to be sequestered within the ground to help build the soil. (3 credits), This course involves fieldwork and will focus on planting cold season crops such as spinach, kale, carrots, and beets. [You can also decide later after you experienced the course]. We are very pleased to be able to offer his expert knowledge at Ragmans as these technologies are increasingly recognised. Students will develop technical skills involving pest identification, nutritional management, and the ability to create biological remedies that promote plant health and pest resistance. Resulting in increased yields, increased resilience to extreme weather events and climate change, and higher health and vitality for the rural communities. with Jairo Restrepo . | Powered by H1 Digital Ltd, Retrosuburbia Resources for Permaculture Teachers, Our Approach to Soil Fertility and System Health ~ by Matt Dunwell. We have been following the regenerative agriculture and food space since 2011 and we recorded since 2016 more than 100 hours of audio. Students will also be preparing succession plantings and cover crops as spring crops begin to be terminated, along with continuing to engage in the general sales of produce through the CSA, farmers market, and Annapurna. Who should attend:Farmers and independent small-scale growers, food producers, food retailers, technicians, students. There’s a preconceived notion that only younger students can excel in their tertiary study. Horticulture represents the foundational knowledge of the Regenerative Organic Agriculture program. We've recently remade our website, and it looks like the link you're looking for may have been misplaced. At the same time, it offers increased yields, resilience to climate instability, and higher health and vitality for farming and ranching communities. Agriculture is changing. The Regenerative Agriculture Academy is the most comprehensive actionable course in cutting-edge regenerative agriculture (including regenerating farm profit) available that you won’t have to “unlearn” in just a few years as the science evolves. She teaches BA and certificate courses in regenerative organic agriculture, plant propagation, and essential oil extraction and utilization. | Email: However, you will also participate in a wide variety of research sessions, workshops, lectures and assignments to help you with your research project and to … A certificate in Regenerative Organic Agriculture underwritten by the Biodynamic Association, Demeter, Agribio, Italy, SD Foundation, India, and Maharishi University of Management. What is this course?A series of currently 17 short videos (10-15min) plus downloadable slides with our lessons learned after recording over 100+ interviews with investors, fund managers, farmers, scientists since 2016, always asking the question: ‘How to put money to work in regenerating soils at scale and growing a lot of tasty food while doing so?’. Students will learn the unique characteristics and considerations associated with different vegetable crops, including growth patterns, propagation techniques, lifespan, specific pest and disease issues, and potential companion plants. Students will learn basic botany related to plant physiology and seed production, along with strategies for farm layout, land preparation, plant propagation, and soil and nutrient management. Emerging science provides the foundation for developing regenerative agriculture ecosystems that produce more nutritious food per acre than present crop production systems, while also rebuilding soil health. This process is known as carbon sequestration. Have you considered a career in regenerative agriculture? Apprenticeship opportunities in organic and biodynamic farms in the mainland U.S. and in Nepal, Italy, Costa Rica, Indonesia (Bali), India, Kenya, Uganda, Canada, Hawaii, and more. You’re probably already familiar with organic agriculture, which does not use GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, or artificial pesticides. We believe the next revolution in agriculture is a science-based agronomy revolution. All students in our program receive free instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique, an evidence-based technique with proven mental, physiological, behavioral, and physical benefits that enable you to learn more efficiently and effectively. If you have the means, think what this course is worth to you and pay that! (3 credits), This course involves fieldwork and will focus heavily on harvest and post-harvest efficiencies, including cleaning, storage, and washroom policies. Jairo’s teaching style makes clear the how and why of regenerating biological fertility and mineral agricultural soils; and how this enables the viable production of healthy food that is affordable to consumers and profitable for farmers. There will also be workshops related to mushroom cultivation and fermentation sciences. Our regional bodies, national groups and sector platforms promoting organic throughout the world. The course will culminate in a final comprehensive design project involving a real client, where you will work to perform site analysis and develop practical solutions for real-world design challenges. Other topics include strategies for building soil organic matter, composting, basic entomology, and pest management methods. !We invite you to pay what you think it’s worth inspired by Charles Eisenstein and Frederic Laloux. Regenerative Agriculture. We trust that when we give/create value, we will also receive in abundance. To work as an agricultural consultant, a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science is required to further your understanding of crops, soils and livestock. (3 credits), Sustainable business management is an attempt to execute triple bottom line performance in business through social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and economic viability. That’s why we’ve broken down everything you need to know about getting started in this industry. I will spread the information to everyone I can, to improve the soil and to help mend the planet" - course student, " I will use the informtation learnt for the rest of my life as I produce food" - course student, "Jairo is incredibly motivating and I really enjoyed his stories and interpretations, it helps to make the subject come alive and why it is so vital for our planet" - course student. Plus it is impossible for us to know how much my work is worth to you. Our Approach to Soil Fertility and System Health ~ by Matt Dunwell Please email us on if you would like to be notified when this information is available. Founded in 1972, IFOAM -  Organics International is a membership-based organization working to bring true sustainability to agriculture across the globe. (4 credits), Permaculture Design is an attempt to rethink and redesign every aspect of human endeavor in terms of sustainability. Linked to this is the recognition that small farmers across the world need to organise and stand together in order to stand up to industrial food production. Additionally, our old website is still available here. ), REGENERATION NEWSROOM PODCAST FT. ETHAN SOLOVIEV, HOW TO USE AI FOR EXPONENTIANL LANDSCAPE RESTORATION, WHY THERE 12 FUNDS COULD TRANSFORM AGRICULTURE. This course includes a weekend field trip. I can say from personal experience that, as an agronomist, I have thoroughly benefited from attending many of Johns regenerative agriculture seminars and webinars. We head out to the field for sessions on planting systems and irrigation methods. Uncover interesting stories about organic agriculture and the people working to build a more sustainable world. Our mission is to communicate regenerative agriculture knowledge to growers and agronomists. The academic literature, as well, seeks a new course. Ensuring that the soil is not left bare is essential through the process of cover cropping. This course will run on the last weekend of each month from March to November. She completed her PhD (Horticulture) in Medicinal Herbs in 2012 from University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India. Regenerative Agriculture Course. You’ll do more than learn agricultural techniques—you’ll study writing, journalism, environmental advocacy, sustainable community development and more. For the 9-month program, tuition and fees are $11,530 and housing and meals are $7,400. Regenerative Agriculture. An in-depth course on soil microbiology, and how plants farm microbes. A healthy environment for biodiversity to thrive within the soil allows for the ground to increase its water holding capacity, ultimately improving the water cycle and creating healthy soil. Why?Because we are all in different life circumstances. During the Regenerative Agriculture Research Program you will spend most of your time on your research project. In addition to daily meditation, you’ll learn how to work on a team, use critical thinking skills, farm ethically, and be a global citizen who contributes to our world community in a positive and sustainable way. You’ll study permaculture, soil ecology and more with experts in the field, connecting each topic to your deepest self. Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean that this work is ‘free’! With no streamlined method of precisely changing from industrial agriculture farming practices, the initial commitment to permaculture can prove to be a difficult one. This class will involve fieldwork sessions where students gain experience in strategic garden bed preparation while developing technical skills for building soil fertility through the creation and application of compost, biochar, and other soil amendments.

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