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termite king and queen

That’s a lot of time left becau… While he doesn’t wear a crown or have a throne, the termite king is high priority in his colony, second only to the queen. A new colony starts the moment when a termite king and a queen make their decision to shed wings and start a family. King Termite. The only clear role of the king termite is to start a new colony and maintain it. Before that young reproductive termiteswere flying altogether in a swarm. Every colony has a king and a queen. King termites are male termites which are important in the evolution of a successful termite colony. Soldiers defend the colony and workers care for the king, queen and termite nymphs. In order of importance, the king is next after the queen. Reproductives include the king termite… Firstly, the queen may lay not so many eggs.And firstly only the queen and the king care for the babies. Once a king finds a female alate… It is the king and the queen of the colony who ensures the population of the colony is maintained. Workers and soldiers are sexually immature males and females. Winged termite swarmers leave their “home” nests to mate and start new colonies. New colonies are started by termite kings and queens that are called winged reporductives or alates. Two or three years later the colony becomes more organized. After the swarm breaks up, a termite couple settles together in a place where there is enough wood and water and other necessities. Termites are social insects, and a colony is divided into specific castes: reproductives, workers and soldiers. Expanding the Colony Termite colonies are arranged into caste systems made up of workers, soldiers, and reproductives. The roles of the termite king are not well defined.

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