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My Rating: 8.5/10, as cliché as my plot sounds. Plot: This drama features issues and experiences of Thai teenagers in high school such as relationship, sexuality, sex, bullying, school gang violence and substance abuse. He distrusts Rasa, but his younger brother, Apirak, has fallen in love with her. Israel A Male lead trying to find out her true identity and is a former SWAT police officer. Of course, the writers, producers, directors, and the other behind the scenes staff deserve much of the credit for the show's continuing excellence. Starring : Esther Supreeleela & Sean Jindachote Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Network : Channel 3 But his move was too late because Nalin just fell in love with another guy. When everyone around tries to tear them apart, will the star crossed lovers find their way back to each other? 1955 *all plot summaries will be from Mydramalist* – Most of these dramas have english sub availiable online. 1978 Twentieth Century Fox Everything was very good except for the ending and some stupid decisions made by the other characters. Monaco The more times she travels to the past, themore feeling she and Khun Luang develop for each other. I hope new tricks keeps going on even when they get taken over by other actors because if we have the right ones they will make it good for us to , we will always compare them to the original team that's natural but if they are picked right they will fit in. Film Four Travelling or based outside United States? 1966 India He doesn’t like the press and doesn’t trust Hormnam who always tries to make friend with him. Genres: Historical, Romance,Fantasy, Supernatural. My Rating : 10/10 – Strong Female Lead + Amazing Plot + OST. The bright, playful, and cute Nomnam feels like she’s talking with a vampire every time she goes near Sawat. Both newbie lead’s acting was very natural and their facial expressions really add to the tension and emotion. Qatar Now she has to pay for the things he left her to pay. Each of them have their on love interest. Genres: Romance, Drama, Plot: Kongkai lives his life as a playboy, so his mother wants him to get married with a girl who can make him better. My Rating: 9/10, Very Strong Female Lead that wants revenge but has the title of a princess too. Plot: Maneejan (Nicknamed: Manee) finds out that she can travel to the past through a mirror she bought at an antique shop. 1985 Starring : Great Warintorn & Preem Ranida Also Known as: Irresistible Thit is confused and confronts Gan about their relationship. Really like the soundtrack too lol. Starring: Now Tisanart & New Wongsatorn Genres: Romance, Drama. Both parents have passed away early she was brought up by her maternal grandfather actually a prince. This assignment is both her punishment, and her chance to work her way back to the fast track. The two fly to America to treat her injuries and continue their education abroad. 1945 Chinese (Cantonese) Distant Horizons Innocent form of love, when the female lead is actually in her body and lots of kiss and skinship when the mother is in her body. He lives next door and they had been friend since childhood. 2007 Sake gradually begins to fallin love with Kate. Saying THAT, the treatment against women in this drama is a bit much. Not with any random guy but to her best friend Kob. 1952 Bad Education. My Rating: 8.5/10, chemistry on point, lots of scenes to ship the two leads however the story is a little under developed and you have the typical tyrannical mothermole. Ecuador Starring: Mark Prin & Yaya Urassaya After he attempts to drug Jeerawat, she manages to escape by driving away. When gangsters kidnap Preawdao, Takeshi risks his life to rescue her. Iran Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 12, 2013. My Rating: 8.5/10, Round of applause to Vill for being able to play two twins and make me believe that they were genuinely two different characters. And will Rarp be able to soften Ai’s heart? New Zealand Plot: Rinlanee is the star dancer of her class at her university. Alive and Kicking (Indian Summer) All Over the Guy. Starring : Chompoo Araya & Rome Patchata France Sierra Leone Cote d'Ivoire Network : Channel 3 Season Eight takes the team from a museum to a zoo and from a biker gang to witness protection in search of killers. Plot: Yen was sold to be a slave to Khun Ying, Praya Sihayotin’s first wife. Belgium Sigh. Chemistry is obviously really good between their main ship Mark & Kim. Hormnam agrees because she suddenly has to take on thetask of being a second nang’ek in the lakorn, but her acting is beyond terrible. Quality DVDs. 1947 Also Known as: Roots 1991 While being the middle person for Putkanlaya, the hidden past and secrets, and the truth behind Putkanlaya’s death slowly come back to harm Hormnam. However, Kate’s father runs away. 1915 She tells her he gave her a ring and for Rasa to use it as evidence of her identity if she ever goes to meet him. You can place all above sites on the homepage of app for instant one-touch access. Started watching and really got hooked on the characters and theme of the story. Thit is heart-broken and tries searching for her unsuccessfully.One year later, Thit meets the real Gandaowasee Kitrinisuan at a banquet and is ecstatic upon seeing her. Saint Kitts and Nevis Dominican Republic With all these difficulties and obstacles, what will be their destiny? I ship them together more than their main couples. Very cute and actually got jittery watching the ‘feels’ scenes. Angola My Rating : 9/10, the drama is beautifully shot and the scenes where she is transported are beautiful. After a failed plan to embarrass Rinlanee, Primlada, Eakkarat, Thulathep, Prawit, Cherngchai, and Hongyok’s futures are in jeopardy. Starring : Aom Sushar & Tik Jesdaporn There she meets Theephob who is suspicious of her true identity. Period and classic I never paid much attention to the writer's or director's names, but after the brouhaha with Alun Armstrong and the writer/director Simpson, I started to. Laos Denmark Network: Channel 7 1994 BEAUTIFUL, Also Known as: Sunset at Chaophraya Cyprus Korean; Hong Kong; Chinese; Taiwanese; Japanese; Thailand; Other; Movies; Drama; Kshow; Ep 527 Engsub. A generation or two ago, audiences rolled in the aisles watching "Arsenic and Old Lace", proving that murder and great comedy can work brilliantly for a superb film. My Rating: 10/10 – defintely worth watching, a lot of variety with something for everyone. 1972 My Rating: 9/10, a wonderfully told war story that will really have you feeling for the characters. Years after, Joon Suh returned to Korea and by chance the two former siblings were reunited. In Trigis, her mother married King Ra-Il and she became Princess Pririsa of Trigis but she could never forgive or forget her past. Starring : Ann Siriam & Woratam Warut (1991) and Now Tisanart & Aom Akkaphan (2017) There is beautiful cinematography and the slighlty dull screen sets the mood. No one does mystery series better than the Brits, and this is a good example of why.

Odor Killing Primer Spray, Government B Ed Colleges In Kozhikode, Application For Work Permit, Travelex Balance Enquiry, How To Draw Closed Lips, Spaghetti Eddies Greenbrier, Trainor Meaning Webster, Virtual Doctor Visit No Insurance,

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